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Why choose Plugged Drive products and services?

Because we design, manufacture and implement the customized electric vehicle charging solution!

Quick response

At Plugged Drive we guarantee a quick response to any question and/or request and a technical team ready to intervene in the shortest possible time.

Know how

A team with long experience in the field guarantees the quality and reliability of our products, in addition to a constant technological evolution.


The modularity of our products allows a high level of "customization", guaranteeing the adaptation of the solution to the customer and not the other way around.

Plugged Drive is a young but experienced company, created to improve the experience of Electric Vehicle users in general.

We are a young, dynamic and enterprising team that develops innovative solutions for both Electric Vehicle charging and Equipment and Accessories. We produce and implement modular and / or customized Electric Vehicle charging stations, tailored to the specific needs of each customer or situation, for Plugged Drive there are no limits in the implementation of charging solutions.

Visit our Store and look at our ready-made solutions, however please contact us if you want a solution tailored to your needs.

Rather than market products, we create solutions!

What our customers say about us

For Plugged Drive the reliability and quality of our products and services are the cornerstone of the business, proof of this is the satisfaction of our customers.
Rafael Caetano

Rafael Caetano

Fashion Model

"Charging my EV out of the house was a problem, because sometimes i couldn't charge my EV all i need in the places I stayed overnight, sometimes because the facilities couldn't handle the power, sometimes because I was subjected to a 10A load. With Plugged Drive portable multi-power charger i solved my problems. I recommend! "

Arnaldo Dantas

Arnaldo Dantas


"I got a wallbox from Plugged Drive so that we could charge our electric vehicle at the maximum power available at home. Now I get a charge from 0 to 100% in about 4h30, allowing a range of about 200kms and so be faster available for one more ride! "

Fátima Ferreira

Fatima Ferreira


"I opted for the services of Plugged Drive on exchanging my previous LV by a new model, model this that was incompatible with the wallbox that had installed in the company. With the help of Plugged Drive could take advantage of the previous wallbox and maximize investment previously made At Plugged Drive they answered all my questions and were quick to fulfill my request! "


Electric vehicles are not a fad

The Portuguese consumer already reveals more knowledge of the advantages of these vehicles and the buying trend of electric cars continues to grow. In the last month of 2018 727 electric vehicles were sold in Portugal, which Read more...

UVE Partnership

Plugged Drive and UVE have entered into a partnership aimed at providing members with the benefit of discounts on the purchase of services and products provided by Plugged Drive. You can consult the ad Read more...

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