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Q: Can I install an electric vehicle charging solution in my parking space using condominium power?

A: Yes, current legislation provides for the installation of charging solutions for electric vehicles in community garages and by choosing to install a charger with energy meter consumed, you can easily regulate with the condominium the payment of energy used.

Q: Can I install a charging station connected to my Mobi.E public network in my company?

A: Yes, if you want you can install a charging solution with a Mobi.E network connection. Consult us!

Q: I have in my house 6 photovoltaic panels that make a power of 1500W, is it possible to harness the energy generated by the panels to power the EV?

A: Yes, you can choose a charging solution that monitors the available power generated by the panels and uses it in part or in full for charging your EV!

Q: I own a company with 3 EVs assigned to employees and would like to install a charger in the garage, however it is community based and there are more EVs using it. Is it possible to install a charger with user authentication?

A: Yes, you can purchase a charger with NFC card, mobile phone, or key authentication. Contact us, we designed the solution with you!

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